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tistory 티스토리 가입하기!
2008. 1. 1. 13:02

음하. 부장님 글솜씨 덕분에 GOLD AWARD 탔다!!
FE분과 DM 의 thank you note 도 도움이된듯 !!

Hi All,


We are glad to announce the result for Q1'08 PCS E-Plus Program. Here are the award winners:-


Gold Award Winners:-

Ooi Min Lee (China/HK)

Ahn Soo Youn (Korea/KOREA)

Oo Chong Lee (TW/Contract/KSA)

Ashok-Kumar, Noveeta (SAP)


Silver Award Winners:-

Tan Ai Cheng

Tan Beng Beng

Nakaratanam, Kovitha

Yeoh Lay Hong

Tan Luei Wun

Ong Pei See

Bt-Zainul, Murni-Hanum

Ng Poh Lin


There are 4 Gold award winners and 8 Silver award winners this round. Each of them will received a monetary reward of RM200/RM100 for being the Gold/Silver award winner together with a certificate of appreciation.


THANKS for all the submissions, and for demonstrating that “Extra-mile service” is exactly part of our culture & a very key factor to continue improve our ACS score. Ultimately, we would like to create different & greater customer experience. This is also an effective way that Agilent would achieve excellence in customer satisfaction and increase loyalty.


Please join us now in congratulating the Gold & Silver award winners. We have put up the Gold award success stories/efforts on the ACS Board for sharing. Thank you & keep up your momentum and good focus in extending the best-in-class service to our Customers & business partners.


Wishing all PCS members & family a happy new year ahead!


Best Regards,

PCS E-plus Program Reviewing Board


** Pls note that the next submission closing date will be on 15-Feb'08.

cinnamon | 2008.01.02 09:23 | PERMALINK | EDIT/DEL | REPLY
골드어워드가 뭔진 잘 모르지만 너무너무 축하해!!! *^^*
등이 쑤욱 파인 드레스 입고 레드카펫 걸어야하는거? ㅋㅋ
여기서나 저기서나 인정받는구나. 축하!!
사과수 | 2008.01.02 15:30 신고 | PERMALINK | EDIT/DEL | REPLY
ㅋㅋㅋ 거맙다 칭구
오늘 그대의 크리스마스카드를 받았고나~ 얼씨구~(-_ -)~
카드도 참..케익이..ㅎㅎㅎ 맛나게 생겼다. ㅎㅎ
거마와..흑흑..감동이야 흑흑..
편지가 물건너 오긴 오는군아 흑흑..
cinnamon | 2008.01.02 18:12 | PERMALINK | EDIT/DEL | REPLY
나도 기쁘구나 >.< (12월 둘째주에 보냈는데 지금에서야 도착했다는 것이 안습이지만..)
예전에는 소포도 갔었는데 왜 선물은 안 갔을까.. 으..
gyuje | 2008.01.10 00:01 | PERMALINK | EDIT/DEL | REPLY
뭔지 모르지만, 좀 늦었지만, 새해 복도 많이 받구요..
축하드려요.ㅋ : )